A Real Treat for Garden Lovers

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Garden Lovers will delight in the glorious Crichton Gardens all year round but particularly in late Autumn.

Situated on the outskirts of Dumfries, the gardens cover 85 acres of parkland with many specimen trees and plants, a rock garden, arboretum and rose gardens. The Rock Garden and Arboretum, house mature specimens of plants and trees including a Handkerchief tree (Davidia Involucrata), Tulip Tree (Liriodendron Tulipifera) Paper Back Maple (Acer Griseum) and Chilean Fire Bush (Embothrium Coccineum).

The Gardens are open to the public all year round and are a great place to take a leisurely stroll, cycle or even have a picnic when the sun shines. There are information points throughout the garden which give you a little of the history of the Crichton Estate.


The Crichton originally opened as the Crichton Institution for Lunatics in 1839, founded by Elizabeth Crichton a wealthy local widow. The aim was to manage and treat patients in a more “humane” way. The gardens were part of the therapeutic approach to mental illness and received worldwide acclaim. There is a statue of Elizabeth Crichton outside the Easterbrook Hall.

The Crichton is no longer a hospital and its stunning buildings now house various businesses, organisations, workshops and university campuses. You’ll also find a cathedral-like church in the centre of the grounds.

The stylish Bistro Bar & Restaurant at the side of the Easterbrook Hall is a great place to stop for a reviving drink or bite to eat.

The Crichton Gardens are definitely worth a visit so do stop by as you pass on your way into Dumfries – plenty of parking in the grounds.

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